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The contest will run: Sunday January 13th @ 12a.m. - Sunday January 20th @ 12p.m. The draft will occur Saturday
Sign up for the draft by adding your user name to the list below.

Challenges to points

I'm going to challenge any points for unused uploaded images. Those simply soak up space and do not add value to the encyclopedia unless used. But if not used by the person who uploaded them, and used within a day or two of uploading, they are likely to be forgotten and never used. So I do not think any points are appropriate if unused.--Aschlafly 13:30, 19 January 2008 (EST)


Please add your username if you want to participate for the draft.
[[User:example]] or 3 tildes

  1. User:Iduan
  2. User:MakeTomorrow
  3. User:TheGuy
  4. User:SharonS
  5. User:Aschlafly
  6. User:BrianCo
  7. User:ThomasB
  8. User:Learn_together
  9. User:Fox
  10. Ed Poor Talk
  11. MexMax The chief asked me... how can I decline?
  12. Luke
  13. GregLarson
  14. Feebasfactor I'll help if I can!
  15. Crocoite - my contributions will be limited because I'm working 7 days a week now
  16. Hope I'm not too late Gerrard 17:48, 12 January 2008 (EST)
  17. Jenkins (Yeesh, this encyclopedia doesn't get better by leaving it, does it? Let's do some good.)
  18. User:MarkC
  19. This look very exicting Tineke 16:10, 12 January 2008 (EST)
  20. Bradlaugh - as with Crocoite, a lot on right now but I'd try and do what I can
  21. StevenM

Draft Format

  1. BrianCo(selects Fox)
  2. Aschlafly
  3. Aschlafly
  4. BrianCo
  5. BrianCo
  6. Aschlafly
  7. Aschlafly
  8. BrianCo
  9. BrianCo
  10. Aschlafly
  11. Aschlafly
  12. BrianCo
  13. BrianCo
  14. Aschlafly
  15. Aschlafly
  16. BrianCo
  17. BrianCo
  18. Aschlafly
  19. Aschlafly
  20. BrianCo
  21. BrianCo



Eagle Team Team Freedom
Captain BrianCo Captain Aschlafly
Members Members
  1. Fox
  2. MakeTomorrow
  3. ThomasB
  4. User:Learn_together
  5. User:Feebasfactor
  6. User:Crocoite
  7. User:GregLarson
  8. User:Tineke
  9. User:Bradlaugh
  10. User:Joaquín Martínez
  1. User:Iduan
  2. User:Ed Poor
  3. User:MexMax
  4. User:SharonS
  5. Luke
  6. User:TheGuy
  7. User:Jenkins
  8. User:Gerrard
  9. User:MarkC
  10. User:StevenM

(The top 7 scorers on either team will qualify towards its point total.)


The purpose of the contest is to improve Conservapedia by tapping into the competitive side of our editors, fostering sportsmanship is also a goal.


In addition to the scoring guidelines below:

  • Good sportsmanship is required and aspects of the rules are subject to change during the contest if consensus supports the revision
  • No editor is allowed to artificially make a page wanted, then create it. To prevent this - all wanted pages will be listed on a page (to be created) before the contest starts, and only those will count as wanted pages throughout the competition.
  • All editors must keep track of their score in a clear format: preferably:

==Type of Edit(Points the edit is Worth)(Number of this type made)==
links to diff (no organization necessary).

Point System

New entry

Quality new entry: 15 points

  • Definition:A Quality New Entry includes at least two full-length paragraphs, three relevant citations, several links to other entries, some in-depth content and designations of category, and is not entirely copied.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality New Entries will receive only 11 points.

Ordinary New Entry: 6 points

  • Definition: An Ordinary New Entry is a new entry which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality New Entry, but is of higher quality than a Short New Entry, and is not entirely copied.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Ordinary New Entries will receive only 4 points.

Short New Entry: 4 points

  • Definition: A Short New Entry contains only a few sentences and may or may not have a reference, and is not entirely copied.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related Short New Entries will receive only 3 points.

Copied Entries That Add Little Value: 1 point

  • Definition: A entry copied from a public domain source such as .gov site - you MUST link to other articles and the article can not be of trivial nature (i.e. non-encyclopedic, non-educational or non-historical)

Existing entry

Quality edit of an existing entry: 6 points

  • Definition: A Quality Edit to an existing article includes at least two extra sentences, an additional reference, and the inclusion of an important or relevant fact.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality Edits will receive only 3 points.

Minor Edit of an existing entry: 2 points

  • Definition: A Minor Edit is an edit which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality Edit. These edits might include small formatting changes, spelling and grammatical changes and/or the addition of a category.


Adding a quality public domain image to an entry: 3pts

  • Beware: Copyright violations will result in harsh penalties!


New Template: 3 points

  • Definition: The template must have at least 6 links.


Redirecting a Page: 1 point

  • Definition: Redirecting any page - whether the page was something different or not.

Breaking News

Breaking News Item: 6 points

  • Definition: A Breaking news item is placed on the Main page with wiki links to Conservapedia articles and a link to the external reference article.
  • Exception: A non-administrator who submits an article to an administrator and the article is placed on the Main page will receive 4 point and the administrator will receive 2 points for adding the article and links. It is at the administrator's discretion whether to place the article on the Main page.

Bonus Points

  • An additional bonus of 3 points is awarded for adding a new entry on the "most-wanted" list, Special:Wantedpages
    • Note carefully: The entry must be on ((Conservapedia:Contest4/Wanted|this list))
  • An additional bonus of 1 point is awarded for adding a link to an entry on the Special:Deadendpages, and thereby removing that entry from that list
  • An edit to an existing entry may qualify as a New Entry if the edit is substantial enough.
  • Adding a relevant photo to Breaking News will receive a 2 points bonus.
  • Blocking a vandal/sock/troll or reverting their vandalism: 2 points.


An entry is "entertainment-related" if it relates to a subject not taught as core curriculum in a typical high school or college. This includes articles on sports, popular music, movies, and other entertaining but not necessarily educational subjects.

  • Exception: Full credit will be given for notable or important historical subjects, and for political entries.
  • Exception: Full credit will be given for reasonable subjects which are educational but not necessarily taught in a typical school.