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Abuse Complaints

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Conservapedia no longer handles complaints of abuse on the wiki. This allows us to handle such matters carefully and professionally, and allows all parties to retain their dignity. Previous discussions here tended to be ignored by one side while the other side would spin popular opinion. Such is not efficient, effective, or businesslike.

Before filing any complaints, please take about five minutes to assess the situation from an outside view. Carefully notice any errors you made and try to see things from the other side's point of view as well. If you still think there might be a problem, rationally attempt to contact the other party by email. Do not rant or send hate mail, as that will not help your case. Many people have the innate capacity to be calm and rational if approached as such. If this route is unsuccessful, please contact an active senior sysop and we will work from there. Please note that we will treat anything told to us as a personnel matter and will hold it in the strictest confidence. Many resolutions may not appear publicly but the matter will be resolved. Thank you and have a wonderful day.