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Terms frequently used in Edit Summary and Discussion pages:

reference to translation sites like Google Translate or, well, Babelfish. The term "babel fish" originally appeared in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
the ability to determine the IP of an editor and to see if said IP was recently used by others (see also Conservapedia:Checkuser). This is seriously intrusive, and very few sysops have this power. It is used only in very serious circumstances, to uncover destructive sockpuppetry.
violation of copyright; specifically, copying text from a source without giving proper credit, or in violation of fair use
to make various minor corrections (spelling, formatting, flow, etc.) to an article or a section
edit war 
the act of two or more editors trying to enforce their view in an article (usually terms of content, style, or the placement of a section). Edit wars can be revert wars, but often enough, both sides tend to subtly change their edits in the hope of achieving a sort of compromise.
newbie, or noob 
someone not yet familiar with the workings of this web site. Be nice to them.
complete removal of an edit, making it inaccessible and removing it from the edit history (see also Conservapedia:Oversight)
revert (or simply "rv") 
undoing the last edit (or the last x edits) and restoring an earlier version of an article. Except in cases of vandalism or clear parody, reversion is not to be taken lightly. It effectively says that the other party is totally wrong, which is not in the spirit of a wiki.
revert war 
the act of two or more editors continuously reverting an article so that it cycles between two versions (A -> B -> A -> B ->...)
short for "reverting vandalism"
a user's second/third/etc. account, often used to somehow work together with the main one (see also Conservapedia:Sockpuppet)
wheel war 
the hardcore version of a revert war - a situation in which two (or more) sysops use their powers (blocking, protecting, deleting and the three undo actions) in a loop. In Conservapedia history, there has been at least one wheel war about the protection status of one sysop's Talk page (with the owner of the Talk page unprotecting it each time the other sysop protected it)