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Conservapedia History

This page is intended to give newcomers to the site a glossary of terms & moments in Conservapedia history that they may hear about. It should be absolutely neutral, with a simple description of the event, and no spin whatsoever.


Richard: Richard was a Conservapedia administrator, until it was discovered that he was actually a liberal blog writer, using his administrator position to mock Conservapedia, and gather material for his blog.

Defining Moments

The Evolution War: a conflict between many editors and administrators, all with different points of view, on the content of the evolution article page. The edit conflict was eventually solved by submission to the "Panel," which has only spoken on this one issue. The article's content - largely anti-Darwin invective - was deemed appropriate, locked, and kept in stasis.

The Great Donut War: a make-believe edit war, where several users engaged in purposeful reversions and mock ideological conflict on the article donut. The goal was to make light of the many ideological conflicts on Conservapedia. The conflict ended when one user was banned (to be lifted within the hour), the donut article was locked, the banning editor locked his talk page, and submitted the article to the Panel. All the "damage" was later undone.