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This a proposal to improve Conservapedia or its policies and guidelines. It is not official, and does not have wide acceptance. Please regard it as tentative and formative.

Never imply that a sweeping condemnation of liberal evils is "wrong" or "exaggerated". In particular, do not follow an article intro with counterexamples which "disprove" its thesis. Rather, clarify the scope of the thesis and provide examples that prove its point first. In cases where there is disagreement between conservatives and liberals about a point of values, morals, principles or facts:

  • Clearly indicate the name of the person, book or organization which holds the opposing viewpoint.
  • If you personally disagree with a critique of liberal values or actions, discuss it on the talk page - do not distort the truth.
In the rare case where a conservative writer appears to make an error, contact him for a clarification FIRST. Keep in mind the purpose of the project whenever you edit an article or comment on it. Debates and declarations of personal values are confined to debate pages and user pages.