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Ideological blocking, officially forbidden at Conservapedia, nonetheless is alleged to be happening by those who use circuitous, fuzzy logic.


Some of the accusations may be malicious; others may mistake blocking for disruptive editing and for sterile arguing designed to delay and undermine Conservapedia for ideological blocks. Therefore a clear definition is required, so claims can be evaluated.

CP is a Conservative and Christian - friendly encyclopedia. If a person has so little ability to think logically, to believe we are at all interested in actively supporting articles that do anything but support the truth, they shouldn't be editing here.

While we take great pains to include what others think, we are certainly not going to showcase things we know to be false. The reason some people are blocked (and of course almost 75% of those are merely sock-puppets of the same few people who cannot abide anyone to disagree with their world-view, Internationalist & liberal ideas.)for the most part is because they have the bizarre notion they are entitled to some platform here to dispute conservative and Christian thought. The same people, not content to post their opposition once and be done with it, like to use our hospitality to waste our time, repeating the same thoughts ad nausem, and make endless subtle and blatant edits over time, including the insertion of parody and downright false statistics. The falsity of liberal thought is in thinking there is some "right" to free expression on a privately funded wiki. There isn't.

Time-wasters, arguers-without-end, those here to talk, talk, talk, without making some effort to contribute, are not entitled to an explanation for the block either. They are well aware of the reasons, and repeated arguing as to block reasons is merely yet another of their (time wasting) tactics.


Feel free to add incidents where a user has been blocked on ideological grounds.