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Conservapedia:Project Priorities

This a proposal to improve Conservapedia or its policies and guidelines. It is not official, and does not have wide acceptance. Please regard it as tentative and formative.

Priorities of the Conservapedia project:

  1. User:Aschlafly and maximizing his off-wiki influence and reputation as a New Jersey licensed attorney.
  2. Conservapedia:Mission Statement
  3. Getting the Alexa rank 90 day trend lower in value (i.e. more and more traffic). See . As of January 2021, the rank is about 120K. That means that there are about 120K web sites that get more traffic than Conservapedia. The NUMBEROFARTICLES is about 50K. Conservapedia now has exactly 52,591 articles. It is critical that we improve these numbers ASAP. For perspective, the project began in 2006 and by 2012, Conservapedia contained 38K pages. See also Conservapedia:Project Growth.
Everything else is far, far lower in priority. Existing users: announce invitations at conservative forums for new users. See: New users are encouraged to examine Category:Everything and Conservapedia:Commandments and to start contributing appropriate content. Go, go, go!