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Welcome to the page for the Timberwolves

  1. Aschlafly
  2. Sharon
  3. Greg
  4. Bethany
  5. Luke
  6. Deborah
  7. TheGuy
  8. MexMax
  9. Jessica

The team contest begins today at noon. Please ask questions or discuss strategy here

This contest will last for one week, and each team member is responsible to keep track of their own points. Keep this record on a page titled User:Name/Contest. If your name is red below, click on it to create the page. The point system can be viewed at Contest3.

  1. User:Aschlafly/Contest
  2. User:SharonS/Contest
  3. User:GregLarson/Contest
  4. User:BethanyS/Contest
  5. User:Lukecorlando/Contest
  6. User:DeborahB./Contest
  7. User:TheGuy/Contest
  8. User:MexMax/Contest3
  9. User:JesusFreak94/Contest


  1. Aschlafly:1417
  2. Greg:1380
  3. Sharon:537
  4. Beth:464
  5. MexMax:349
  6. Luke:313
  7. User:DeborahB.: 0

  1. User:TheGuy:0
  2. User:JesusFreak94:0

Total (not including those below spot 7): 4460

We are beating them! Great job everyone! We are keeping ahead of their eleven active players with just six active players on our team!

Only the top seven players count towards our final point totals. A list of the players ranked by the number of points they have scored will be kept on this page, along with an estimated team total.