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User rights refers to the ability to perform particular actions on Conservapedia. Apart from ordinary editing, there are a number of additional rights that some users are granted.

The MediaWiki software that Conservapedia uses automatically generates a full list of rights. This list can be found here.

Edit rights

While all users can edit, in order to avoid vandalism, editing is often shut off while it is night-time in the U.S. When editing is shut off, only those users granted editing rights can edit at all.

Editors currently granted these edit rights are listed here. Additional editors are granted these rights based on merit and need.

Upload rights

Again to avoid vandalism, the right to upload images is restricted (at all times) to particular editors.

Editors granted upload rights are listed here.

Blocking rights

See also: Conservapedia:Blocking policy

To counter blatant vandalism, some editors have the ability to block vandals. These particular rights may be granted to users who demonstrate an ongoing ability to revert vandalism. Users are also encouraged to report suspected vandals to the administration (preferably supplying evidence with a link to the diffs.)

Editors with blocking rights are listed here.

Administrator rights

Some editors are granted the ability and authority to enforce Conservapedia's rules and resolve disputes. These administrators or "sysops" have the following abilities:

  • Edit rights
  • Upload rights
  • Block rights
  • The ability to delete (and undelete) pages.
  • The ability to move (rename) pages.
  • and more.

Administrators may have the sysop userbox template on their user page.

{{User Sysop}}

Administrators are listed here.

Checkuser rights

Checkuser can trace the originating IP or proxy of vandals and sockpuppets. If the IP address check shows that the IP is being used by two usernames the person is likely a sockpuppet who is using the same computer connection to edit Conservapedia. The user will be blocked and if a mistake was made the error can be easily undone.

Siteadmin rights

Some administrators are granted the additional ability to lock and unlock the database (locking prevents all editing). This is known as siteadmin rights.

Siteadmins are listed here.

Oversight rights

Oversighters have the ability to permanently remove revisions from view. This is used to hide personally identifiable information that was posted inappropriately. Oversight can also be used to hide particularly harsh libel or personal attacks, or inappropriate language, such as obsenity. Oversight is a maintenance tool to protect privacy and Conservapedia's family friendly atmosphere, not a weapon to stifle criticism and active discussion.

Bureaucrat rights

Some administrators are granted the additional ability to change user rights. They are known as bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats are listed here.

Requesting further rights

Conservapedia is a meritocracy. If you would like to be granted any of these rights, you must have a proven record of being a genuine editor. Only bureaucrats can change editing rights, but you might be better to approach a sysop who is familiar with your work, and he can recommend to a bureaucrat that you be granted additional rights.

Administrator and greater rights are generally only granted when there is a specific need, not simply for being a good editor.

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