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This user supports your favorite admin as the rightful leader of Conservapedia.
Use: {{User CPLeader|your favorite admin}}
Stop hand.svg
This user has num blocks.
Use: {{User Block|num}}
Template:User No CP Barnstars Use: {{User No CP Barnstars}}
This user does not know what a barnstar is. :)
Use: {{User Barnstar?}}
This user is a Conservapedia Administrator.
Use: {{User Sysop}}
Must only be used by Conservapedia:Administrators.
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This page has been vandalized num times.
Use: {{User Vandalized|num}}
This user thinks that your favorite user is too Liberal.
Use: {{User too liberal|your favorite user}}
"your favorite user" may be replaced with a user who is or is not your favorite.
1,0 This user would be honored to be a Team Member.
Use: {{User Would Be On Team}}
1,0 This user would be honored to be a Judge.
Use: {{User team judge}}
CP dog.jpg
This user is afraid of the Guard Dog.
Use: {{User GuardDogFear}}