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Conservapedia now operates an Internet Relay Chat channel, for collaboration and general communication. This is a basic guide on how to use it. Be aware that IRC is less secure and verifiable than talking on Conservapedia itself. Users can be impersonated and conversations can be compromised. Please do not discuss sensitive information on the IRC.


To begin, users can either download IRC software, or use a web client.

Web client

Using the web client is the easiest method. Simply go to KiwiIRC and enter a username. We suggest that if people have Conservapedia accounts, they use the same account names in the IRC. Click connect, and wait a moment to get in. There is no need to enter a password.

Local client

If people want more functionality, try downloading an IRC program. A good free option is HexChat. Download the program, and install it (unless you choose to use a portable version). In HexChat:

  1. Enter your preferred username, and two backup names, in case your primary is in use of has not yet been released from your last visit. We suggest that you use your Conservapedia username, if you have one.
  2. Enter your real name, or a portion of it if desired
  3. Find AccessIRC in the network list, and click to connect. (If using a program other than HexChat, you may need to add or to the list)
  4. Once connected, type into the channel dialog box the channel name "#conservapedia", and click join.


To protect your username and permit access to additional privileges, we suggest you create an IRC account.
1. Connect to the IRC channel
2. Select a password which you will remember but is not used anywhere else. Then type /nickserv register password email where password and e-mail are replaced with that password of your choosing and an e-mail address you have access to. Be aware that your e-mail can by default be seen by other users. There is a way to hide it, but this is not done automatically.

For example, you would enter /nickserv register MyPassword17 if your password is "MyPassword17" and your e-mail address is ""

3. Check your e-mail. In a little while, a confirmation message should arrive. This can take several hours or just a few minutes. It will contain a confirmation code.
4. Using the code in the email message, enter: /nickserv CONFIRM ConfirmationCode (replacing "ConfirmationCode" with the code sent to your e-mail).Note: The directions in the confirmation message may be incorrect! Make sure to do it this way

For example, enter /nickserv CONFIRM 504858356 if the confirmation code e-mailed to you is "504858356"

5. You are now registered! Log in using the directions below at least once every 30 days to keep your account active.

Note: Some clients such as Quassel may not work with /nickserv. If you are having difficulty getting the commands through, use /msg instead.

Account usage

If you have created an account, you will need to log in when you connect to gain access to any privileges you may have, and to prove your identity to others.
1. Connect to the IRC channel (if you are not already connected)
2. Type /nickserv identify password, replacing "password" with the password you set.

For example, enter /nickserv identify MyPassword17 if your password is "MyPassword17"

3. You are now logged in. If you have any privileges, they should be automatically applied to you.


Once you are logged into your account, you can set up some configuration options. For example, you can hide your e-mail from others using /nickserv set hide email on
You can also look up all nickserv options using /nickserv help or look specifically at settings using /nickserv help set


User management

  • /kick username - forcibly disconnect a user
  • /ban target - place a ban on a specific user or IP address ("target"). This does not disconnect the banner user(s) but only prevents them from joining from then on.
  • /kickban target -place a ban on "target" (a user or IP address) and forcibly disconnect them
  • /op username - Give SysOp privilages to a user for the current connection session only (or until revoked)
  • /deop username - Remove SysOp privileges from a user (if they have auto-op, this will not be very effective)

Channel configuration

For users who have the privileges, certain channel settings can be changed. The service ChanServ manages most of these on AccessIRC.

  • /topic Topic line goes here - Change the channel's topic


  • Users can set them selves as away using /away * and set themselves as back using /away (in HexChat /Back should be used instead). An away message may also be included when away status is set. In place of the asterisk, users can specify a reason, like /away Mowing the lawn, I will be back soon