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As a wiki, Conservapedia occasionally attracts vandalism, especially when few users are active, during the day. Despite best guesses, we really cannot see how a vandal war on Conservapedia is winnable. Despite this, some people still day in, day out, create accounts here, for a few short moments of vandalism. So, to discourage that, we have put together an explanation for why this is an illogical move.

So why is vandalism pointless?

Vandalism is pointless because of two major factors. The pages are freely editable, and all revisions are logged. This means that as easily as you could come in and hit the edit button, someone else could do the same thing, and revert your edits, in a matter of clicks. Even if you try to copy paste a single phrase, and drive by as many as you can, it is still easily visible, from your own contributions log. This effectively means that your edits are only as visible, for as long as no other sysops or for that matter, users are around (hint: never). Furthermore, this will only earn you a swift ban/IP ban, and is not really worth the effort.

People can track edits - anybody and everybody has the ability to track edits to articles without actually having to visit the articles. This little bit of magic is called Special:RecentChanges (for those who need help, it is linked to from "Special pages" on the left hand sidebar on every page). Vandals are always easy to spot - it's easy for said edit-trackers to spot vandals by certain qualities, so finding vandalism is even easier, especially on a relatively quiet wiki like this.

This is what most vandals look like:
(diff | hist) . . PageX; 02:15 . . (-3532) . . VandalX (Talk | contribs | block) (Blanked the page);

That is very noticeable. Administrators will descend on it like vultures seeing a carcass, and your stint here will be over. Is that really worth the outburst? We also have a script to revert blatant vandalism - so you're not even wasting any human effort by vandalizing. So in short, you are completely wasting (a lot of) your time. In the end, nothing you do will be permanent, and will take seconds to undo.