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The Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) is a conservative political party in Estonia.

Coalition government

The EKRE made massive gains in the 2019 parliamentary elections, more than doubling its number of seats.[1] In April 2019, EKRE, along with the centrist Center Party and the conservative Pro Patria announced a coalition agreement, though Estonia's president asked their pro-EU election rival to find a government.[2] Estonia's parliament and president approved the proposed coalition, and EKRE's cabinet members were sworn in on April 29, 2019.[3] The party held five out of fifteen ministries, including the interior and finance ministries.[3] Additionally, on May 2, 2019, party leader Mart Helme was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister, meaning he leads cabinet meetings if the prime minister is absent.[4]

An EKRE member of parliament also received the presidency of the country's parliament and removed the EU flag from the chamber shortly after taking office.[5] EKRE's members in the government continued to speak out against EU integration.[6]


The EKRE is Euroskeptic and nationalist, socially conservative, and opposes mass migration. It also supports policies to increase Estonia's birthrate. The party strongly opposes globalism and world government.[7] A conservative party, EKRE's leader Mart Helme has stated that some – though not all – of Marine Le Pen's views, such as on same-sex "marriage" and economic matters, are too left-wing.[8]


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