Contest3 Pre-Game Analysis

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Team2 (analysis by Team1):

Captain TK
  • Like the basketball player Dennis Rodman, TK can be very effective through his aggression and unpredictability.
  • Watch out if TK blocks everyone on the other team!
  • A good strategy by Team1 would be to provoke TK into blocking the judges and disqualifying his team.
  • Contest3 was his idea, so he is likely to score many points.
  • User rebuttal - actually i don't disagree with anything here, I just thought I'd join the crowd.--IDuan 20:41, 10 November 2007 (EST)
  • Very experienced and consistent. Reliable when needed. Methodical like the chess champion he is.
Ed Poor
  • Tremendous at eliminating "most wanted" pages, a great way to win points.
  • His greatest strength is his years of experience at Wikipedia. But that can also be a weakness as bad habits are hard to change!
  • A rookie at these contests, he could impress.
  • Master of the front page news items, and can be expected to run up many points that way.
  • Consistent contributor since July 25, could be good when needed, provided that he can keep himself from arguing with liberals.
Joaquín Martínez
  • Was the captain of the winning team in Contest1. Superb leader.
  • Master of the art masterpieces!
  • The top scorer in Contest2. Team2 was lucky to get him this time.
  • Back off the injured reserve from his motorcycle accident. Only question mark is whether he is 100% yet.

Team 1 (analysis by Team 2):

Captain Aschlafly
  • Hmm, I haven't really heard of this user ... must be a new guy (lol)
  • Scored the most points within his team in the last contest - and given his record is likely to score a lot again. Tip: Easily distracted. ;-)
  • User rebuttal: I'm going to break the individual contest record of 1473 points set by User:Learn_together last time!
  • A relatively new editor that has done a lot in the first month - likely to keep it up.
  • She was on Aschlafly's last team - and scored 1088 points. Extremely consistent - scoring a large number of points each day.
  • Major editor who has had over 1200 edits in the past two months. Likely to give an extra push given that it's the contest - and therefore could be one of if not the top contributor.
  • Another consistent editor likely to increase her contribs for the contest.
  • A relatively new editor who has started off quick.
  • Scored 749 points in the last contest - definitely a steal by Team 1
  • With his time from EQ - has been around for a while. Experience will obviously work in his favor.
  • A wild card - MexMax seems to be the newest editor on a team - and he could go both ways. His inexperience might hurt him - but at the same time given that he is a new member he's obviously eager to impress. Watch out for this guy.
  • User rebuttal: you better watch out! I'm called the fastest... errr... poster (?) in the West!-MexMax
Double Edge
  • Strong off the bench, as he was in the last contest with lots of points in the last few days.