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Cord Meyer

Cord Meyer headed the Covert Action Staff of the CIA's Directorate of Plans from 1962 and later served as London CIA station chief.[1]

Meyer joined the CIA in 1951 at the behest of Allen Dulles, director of central intelligence, after a stint as president of the United World Federalists, a post which got him denounced by Moscow Radio as "the fig leaf of American imperialism" and accused of Communist activity by Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy. At the CIA, Meyer adopted a strident anti-Soviet stance and became a top aide to Richard Helms, director of central intelligence under presidents Johnson and Nixon.

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer was divorced from Cord Meyer in 1956. The Meyers had lived in Mclean, Virginia, where Ethel and Robert Kennedy were next-door neighbon. Following the divorce, Mary, then thirty-six, moved to a Georgeiown toownouse around the corner from her sister Tony Pinchot Bradlee, wife of Ben Bradlee the managing editor of the Washington Post. Senator John F. Kennedy lived on the same block. Her closest friends at the time were the Truitts, Ann and James. Ann was a sculptor and Mary's confidante; Jim Truitt was then a vice president of the Washington Post.

Mrs. Meyer had a romance with President Kennedy from from January t962 to November 1963 and kept a diary about the affair. She confided details about the relationship with her sister and the Truitts. A year after Kennedy's assassination Mrs. Meyer was shot to death while walking along the old canal tow-path in Georgetown. The homicide remains unsolved.

Following Mary's death, her diary was uncovered by her sister, Tony Bradlee, who turned it over to James Angleton, then chief of CIA counterinteligence. An old friend of Mary Meyer, Angleton has since been vague as to what happened to the diary. According to Truitt, however, the document was taken to CIA headquarters, where it was destroyed.

In 1970 the Washington Post ran a front-page story by Dbn Oberdorfer about the two-year affair. The New Timeslater to explored the subject in great detail in an article by Phillip Nobile and Ron Rosenbaum entitled The Mysterious Murder of JFK's Mistress.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was booted out of the Oxford program for the rape of 19 year old Eileen Wellstone, his first known sexual assault victim.[2][3][4][5][6] As a result of being tossed out Clinton lost his deferment and was drafted.[7] Through his Arkansas political patrons, namely Sen. J. William Fulbright, he was able to evade Vietnam and serve the two years active duty he owed his country in the CIA as a snitch spying on European anti-Vietnam war movements and their alleged links to Moscow. He reported to Cord Meyer in London.[8][9][10][11] Clinton's Oxford roommate Strobe Talbot, who was fluent in Russian, likewise was recruited to work for the CIA at this same time and translated Nikita Khruschev's memoirs which had been smuggled out of the Soviet Union and published in the West by CIA.[12]

Clinton's status as a CIA "Company man" and operative was reactivated in the 1980s as governor of Arkansas when he was called upon to host the Mena, Arkansas base of operationcs for Iran-Contra. His CIA contacts and relationships ultimately served to further his personal career and ambitions.

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