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Craig Thomas
U.S. Senator from Wyoming
From: January 4, 1995 – June 4, 2007
Predecessor Malcom Wallop
Successor John Barrasso
Former U.S. Representative from Wyoming's At-large Congressional District
From: April 26, 1989 – January 3, 1995
Predecessor Dick Cheney
Successor Barbara Cubin
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Susan Roberts Thomas
Religion Methodist

Craig Thomas (February 17, 1933 – June 4, 2007) was the senior Senator for Wyoming until his death from leukemia on June 4, 2007. He was first elected to Congress in 1989 as a Republican to replace a vacant position in the House of Representatives when Dick Cheney was appointed the Secretary of Defense by George H. W. Bush.[1] In 1994, he was elected to the United States Senate and was reelected in 2000 and 2004 by a large majority's of Wyoming voters.[1]


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