Crimes against humanity

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A crime against humanity refers to a crime so egregious, that the entire fabric of human society repulses at its commission. Genocide is a crime against humanity, meaning that Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong can all be said to have committed crimes against humanity. The term is often associated, as well, with social oppression and killing brought about by tyrannical communist regimes.

Pro-life advocates consider the practice of abortion, which ends millions of lives every year, to be an accumulated crime against humanity.

EU Member of Parliament Clare Daly reminded her fellow lawmakers:

“The NATO intervention in Libya, carried out in the name of protecting freedom, democracy and human rights, is one we’d do well to remember as NATO plays out its proxy war in Ukraine in the name of, you’ve guessed it, freedom, democracy and human rights...What happens after NATO intervenes in your country on this basis?...Terror, death, lawlessness, rape, poverty, starvation…Libya is a country riven by conflict, its economy shattered, its population – formerly the wealthiest in Africa – ridden and mired in poverty...Migrants are bought and sold in slave markets...It’s a country of mass graves, of crimes against humanity...This is NATO’s legacy”.[1]

People working to end crimes against humanity

Many prominent figures have taken crucial steps toward ending atrocities such as genocide, including:

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