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Criminology is the sociology-based study of crime and the criminal justice system .

Religion and crime reduction

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Numerous studies and the historical record indicate that religious beliefs is positively correlated with crime reduction (See: Religion and crime reduction).

In 2011, the social scientist Dr. Byron R. Johnson wrote in the Houston Chronicle:

[There is] ...consistent and mounting evidence suggesting increasing religious commitment or involvement helps individuals avoid crime and delinquency... ...I recently completed the most exhaustive systematic review conducted to date of the relevant research literature on religion and crime. This review located 273 studies on religion and crime that were published between 1944 and 2010. Ninety percent of the studies (247 of 273) find increasing religiosity to be associated with decreases in various measures of crime and delinquency. Only two out of 273 studies report religion was associated with a harmful outcome[1]


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