Critical Incident Response Group

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The Critical Incident Response Group, abbreviated as CIRG, is the elite wing of the FBI, deployed when all else falls short. It is usually deployed in high-risk crime incidents, hostage rescue missions, stand-offs with heavily armed suspects, and domestic WMD incidents.


Aviation and Surveillance Section

The Aviation and Surveillance Section specializes in operations requiring aviation support, and investigative work.

Tactical Operations Section

The Tactical Operations Section is deployed when there is a major threat to national security or the public. It is composed by the following groups;

- The elite Hostage Rescue Team, on par with military special operations units.

- FBI Special Weapons and Tactics teams, deployed alongside local law enforcement and other federal tactical teams.

- The Crisis Negotiation Unit, specialized in talking down and negotiating with dangerous criminals and terrorists.

-The Helicopter Tactical Unit.

Investigative and Operations Support Section