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Crusade for Life "Protecting Families From Abortion and Euthanasia" is a non-denominational, evangelical Pro-life organization concerned with fostering and protecting human life from conception. Crusade for Life believes that all human life is created in the image of God and is subject only to His law. In addition, they believe the Constitution guarantees the right to life of all human beings at any age. Per their website,

  • Preparing informational and educational materials to explain the Christian point of view on life and its protection. Pertinent videos, booklets, Bible study packets, pamphlets and newsletters including the "Crusade for Life REPORT," which contains current news stories affecting pro-life, are available.
  • Supporting a local speakers' bureau which gives audio-visual presentations to church, school and other groups.
  • Developing broad public education through billboards, bus bench ads, and cable television programs.
  • Establishing Crusade for Life chapters to work with local churches.
  • Identifying pro-life contact persons in local churches who can work with their pastors on informing their congregations on local events: Life Chains, Walk for Life, registration, letter writing on legislation, literature distribution and special speakers. CFL has materials available for a church or organization display table.
  • Offering support and participation in sidewalk counseling, prayer vigils, and other pro-life activities.
  • Networking with other pro-life groups, including those offering support for local crisis pregnancy centers and homes for unwed mothers.

"Anyone who has a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and believes in the sanctity of human life can join Crusade for Life."

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