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Cryptojacking is the process of surreptitiously stealing computer processing power for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. This can be done simply though a web browser (using javascript on web pages, such as the now discontinued Coin Hive service offered), or with malware which is installed on the victim's device. In such an endeavor, the more processing power the attacker can steal, the more money they can earn. Therefore, powerful devices such as server computers are preferred, due to their high performance. However, low-powered devices (such as IoT devices) are also attacked, since they can be easier to infiltrate, and the cryptojacking can go unnoticed for quite some time. Routers are also a favored target in some cases, since their software is often allowed to go out of date (meaning that they are vulnerable), and they can inject cryptojacking code into the web browsing of everyone behind them, as well as performing mining themselves.[1][2][3]