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The Count Cseszneky de Milvány is a title of nobility held by the Cseszneky family (in Croatian: Česnegić) which was a Hungarian noble family in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. The family got its name after the village of Csesznek.

The family descend from the Bána Clan and its members excelled mostly in the field of military.

Coat of arms and motto

The traditional coat of arms of the family consisted of a simple blason representing a dove as it can be seen in Count Mátyás Cseszneky's seal from 1597.[1]

King Ferdinand II by a royal patent dated on 8 March 1626 in Vienna granted to Benedek Cseszneky, his wife, Sára Kánya de Budafalva, also to Jakab Patonyi and his wife, Anna Kánya, furthermore to Boldizsár Kánya and his sister, Erzsébet a different coat of arms showing a pelican feeding her young with her blood.[2] Nevertheless, most of the family members continued using some sort of the ancient coat of arms with the dove.

The current comital standard was established in 1943. The family motto is a quote from Virgil's The Aeneid: Virtutem extendere factis (We extend our virtue by our deeds).[3]


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