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Cubed were a Christian rock band in New Zealand from 2002-2007.


Cubed in action

In 2002, three Palmerston North teenagers called Joshua Thompson (bass guitar, vocals), Daniel Sherson (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Paul McConachy (drums) began jamming in their church auditorium on Sunday afternoons. Playing covers and church songs, they could never have imagined how their hobby would be taken seriously by music lovers nationwide.

2003 saw Gareth Bell join the band in the role of lead guitar. It was also the year the band started to write their own songs. Though none of the songs were performed that year, it was an important period for the band as they discovered their style of songwriting. Wacky lyrics combined with singalong choruses with a Christian influence that was no secret formed the foundation of a songwriting style that would never be lost, even in the years to come as the band matured.

Nick Dow joined the band in 2004 as the keyboard player. The band adopted the name Cubed and started playing gigs at youth group events around Palmerston North. Their set included a mix of covers and originals such as To Infinity And Beyond, Winning Streak and Miracles. A demo recording of Winning Streak was made and the song successfully took the band to CTC in Wellington. At the end of the year Gareth Bell left the band to join the Y-One roadshow touring schools and churches throughout New Zealand.(Cubed Yearbook 2004)

A new line up in 2005 consisting of the original three jammers and Anthony McGrath on lead guitar kicked off the year with a week long 'band camp', staying at Anthony's house and practicing daily at a nearby high school studio. The band relaunched in March at the Expressions auditions with the song God Bless Rock And Roll, which proved to be a hit with crowds. Its singalong chorus, upbeat tempo and screaming guitar solo gave it a sound reminiscent of bands such as AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. The song took them right through CTC, scoring them a showcase gig on the final day of the competition. The band spent the rest of the year playing youth groups and all ages venues in Palmerston North and made the demo CD that secured their place on the Debut Stage at Parachute Festival 06, the biggest four day Christian music festival outside the USA. At the end of the year Anthony found out his place in a course in contemporary music at Otago University had been confirmed. He would have to leave the band in early 2006 to begin studies. 2005 was also an important year for songwriting as the content became more mature and personal whilst never losing the humor that only Cubed can provide. (Cubed Yearbook 2005)

Parachute 06 was Anthony's final gig with the band, but the beginning of what proved to be an incredible final year for Cubed. Immediately after the festival ended, the band (with Anthony) went into the studio to record their Debut EP Lightbox. The name was inspired simply by a tool used for tracing but the CD was named Lightbox in the faith that a disc in a box can bring light into people's lives. Featuring the crowd favorites God Bless Rock And Roll, Close and The Banana Song, once the word was out, CDs sold fast.After the recording process was over Anthony left for Otago and the band took a break, playing only one gig as a three piece before Ben Eichler took up the role of lead guitarist. More gigs at local youth groups where the band had become part of the staple diet of music took place as well as nearby Feilding. Lightbox sold well and a second pressing was done, with a new color scheme. The year was rounded off by a roadtrip to Gisborne where the band rockumentary Thingy was filmed. (Cubed Yearbook 2006).

In early 2007 the band knew the end was nigh as original member and songwriter Josh would have to leave to study Bass Guitar at University in mid February. A second EP was recorded for posterity, featuring all of the band's best songs that weren't on Lightbox, including Before You, I Like You, Surrender and Take All Of Me. Another important track of this recording is the new version of Winning Streak. All seven past and present band members were present for the recording of the song and all provided vocal parts. Parachute 07 was the band's final gig and was meticulously planned to be a concert to remember. The best songs from both EPs were played, some with new twists (including a fugal screamo part in Close) and plastic guitars were mutilated on stage. It is unlikely that many bands have ended on a higher, madder note.


2004-Winning Streak Demo. Recorded in Paul's lounge. Track List: Winning Streak.
2005-Parachute Application Demo. Recorded at Salvation Army Citadel, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Track List: Liar, Patience, God Bless Rock And Roll.
2006-Lightbox. Recorded at The Stomach, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Track List: God Bless Rock And Roll, Close, The Banana Song, A New Day, Patience, Liar, Drum Solo (Hidden).
2007-Farewell EP. Recorded at Daniel's house. Track List: Surrender, Before You, Winning Streak, I Like You, Take All Of Me, Mosh, Saturday Night, Noise.


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