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Cultural imperialism is when one country or group of people impose their cultural standards (in art, politics, philosophy, etc.) on another country or group. In general, most imperialism implies and involves cultural imperialism, however, cultural imperialism can occur in many other ways, such as during international commerce. One example would be one group expecting another to conduct all business in the first group's language. It has been defined as "the use of political and economic power to exalt and spread the values and habits of a foreign culture at the expense of a native culture"[1]

The Soviet Union promoted cultural imperialism in all the countries that fell under its influence. It also applies to aliens illegally entering a country on a mass scale, particularly when said mass illegal migration is encouraged by a foreign government.[2]

Jorge Ramos

While a guest on Ramos' show Fusion, Ann Coulter called Ramos a cultural imperialist. She made the point that people who come here as aliens, do not choose to assimilate [3] and join the melting pot, but instead they recreate the nations they left. She said: "It is not diversity, it is just changing our culture, without checking with the American people."


Andrew Preston, a lecturer at Cambridge University disagrees with the widespread misuse of the term,[4] noting that it has been applied incorrectly to Missionaries even though Missionaries "often had an uneasy relationship with U. S. government officials."


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