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A curriculum vitae (Latin "the curriculum of life") (usually abbreviated CV) is the most comprehensive record that a person might submit of his education, work experience, academic and professional achievements, and publications. It is the full and complete statement of a person's job qualifications, of which a résumé (French "a summary") is usually a summary.

Curriculum vitae v. résumé

A curriculum vitae differs from the much shorter résumé in several key respects:

  1. It usually leads with a person's education, while a résumé leads with work experience.
  2. It lists a person's publications, while a résumé, if it mentions published work at all, simply states that a list of publications is available if someone requests it.

Which should one submit?

A job applicant usually submits a curriculum vitae when seeking admission to a postgraduate professional educational program or an appointment to the faculty of an institution of higher education. For most other job applications, a résumé will suffice. The primary difference is one of emphasis. A résumé emphasizes practical experience; a curriculum vitae emphasizes academic honor and academic esteem for your work.

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