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Danylo Apostol (Ukrainian: Даніило Апостол) (14 December 1654 – 28 January 1734) was the hetman of left bank Ukraine.

He distinguished himself while serving as a colonel of the Myrhorod regiment from 1683-1727. He fought alongside the Russian Empire against the Swedes and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Great Northern War. Later, he joined sides with Ivan Mazepa against the Tsar. Then in 1708, he once again switched sides and rejoined Tsar Peter I. He took part in Russia's Prut (1711) and Persian (1722) campaigns. In 1727 he was elected hetman of Left-Bank Ukraine, and he served until 1734 when he died.

In his first few years as the hetman, Apostol accomplished much. He greatly improved the kozak administration and reformed the judicial system (decree of 1730). Apostol tried to defend the interests of Ukrainian merchants by modifying the commercial system that was imposed on Ukraine by Peter I that greatly favored the Russian merchants and the Russian state. It should be noted, however, that Russia was able to further its domination of Ukraine while it was under his rule.

In 2006, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko held a ceremony to open a monument to honor hetman Apostol in Velyki Sorochyntsi.[1]


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