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Darwin-Harris connection details the writings of Eric Harris, the 18-year-old student who murdered 13 classmates at Columbine High school in 1999. Much speculation has been made that Harris believed in evolution. He was a morbidly disturbed student filled with hate for mankind. This was only revealed to others after his death, found in hand-written journals he kept. On April 20, 1999, the day of the killing spree with Dylan Klebold, Harris killed himself wearing a shirt that said 'Natural Selection'.

In an entry dated April 26, 1998, Harris described how he and Klebold would enforce natural selection in their school.[1]

Sometime in April [of 1999] me and V will get revenge and will kick natural selection up a few notches. Armed with the following; a terroist bag full of noisey crickets, noisey crickets strapped to WD40 cans, pipe bombs with a s--t load of shrapnel, fire bombs, chlorine gas bombs, and smoke bombs.

The first two sentences of Harris's journal read, "It would be great if god removed all vaccines and warning labels from everything in the world and let natural selection take its course. All the fat ugly retarded crippled dumb-ss stupid f--kheads in the world would die..." [2]


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