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David Amess (March 26, 1952 - October 15, 2021) was a British Member of Parliament, who represented the constituency of Southend West in Essex from 1997 until his murder by a supporter of so-called "Islamic State" in 2021.

Amess was a strong social conservative and Eurosceptic on the right of his party.[1] Amess was also an animal welfare supporter.


David Amess was stabbed several times at his 'constituency surgery', an event held by political officeholders in which constituents may voice concerns, at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex on 15 October 2021.[1]

Harbi Ali, 25-year-old man with British citizenship of Somalian descent, was arrested at the scene and a knife was recovered.[1] Shortly thereafter, the attack was declared a "terrorist incident" and that an early investigation had revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamic terrorism.[2] The suspect was later detained under Section 41 the Terrorism Act (2000).

It was revealed on 6 April 2022 that Ali had targeted Amess due to his support for airstrikes on so-called "Islamic State" in Syria in 2014 and 2015. On 11 April, Ali was given a whole-life sentence meaning Ali will never be eligible for parole. Justic Nigel Sweeney told the court that Ali showed "no remorse [...] quite the opposite" for his actions.[3]


Although the modern Conservative Party takes generally liberal and neoconservative positions, Amess was a staunch conservative, opposing abortion and the homosexual agenda, as well as being against globalist organisations such as the European Union.[4]