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Glen David Brin (born October 6, 1950) is an American scientist and award-winning author of science fiction.

Life and Works

He was born, raised, and educated in California and attended Caltech.[1] Brin's nonfiction book The Transparent Society won the Freedom of Speech Award of the American Library Association and the McGannon Communication Award.[2] He is a futurist, but also supports learning lessons of the past and accepting government.[3] Besides being a science fiction writer, he is a critic of Star Wars, particularly the diminutive Yoda, and considers himself like millions of others a social media influence.[4] Perhaps most fascinatingly, Brin is a Jewish author, and in his works, secularizes the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (that all men have a duty to improve the world) to mean that he should increase the world's knowledge as though this always improves it.[5]


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