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David Eddy, M.D., PhD. is the medical director and founder of Archimedes, an organization designed to make projections useful to both clinicians making decisions about medical care and to managers making decisions about resource allocation.[1] Dr. Eddy also served as Senior Advisor for Health Policy and Management Kaiser Permanente.[2] Dr. Eddy began his career as a Professor of Engineering and Medicine at Stanford University, and the J. Alexander McMahon Professor of Health Policy and Management at Duke University.[1] Dr. Eddy obtained his MD from the University of Virginia and his PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems (Applied Mathematics) from Stanford.[1] Over 25 years ago Dr. Eddy wrote a paper on the role of guidelines in medical decision making, the first Markov model applied to clinical problems, the original criteria for coverage decisions, and was the first individual to use and publish the term "evidence-based".[1] Dr. Eddy is the author of 5 books, over 100 first-authored articles, and a series of essays for the Journal of the American Medical Association.[1] Dr. Eddy's compositions range from technical mathematical theories to broad health policy topics.[1] Dr. Eddy has obtained national and international awards in fields such as applied mathematics, health technology assessment, health care quality, and outcomes research.[1] Dr. Eddy was also elected or appointed to more than 40 national and international boards and commissions — including Consumers Union, the National Board of Mathematics, the World Health Organization Panel of Experts, The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical Advisory Panel, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance — and is a member of the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences.[1]

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