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David O'Brien (born in Durham, NC) is an Atlanta Braves beat writer and journalist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution since 2002. He also runs the very popular AJC.com Braves blog. Previously David O'Brien covered the Florida Marlins.

O'Brien spent his youth passing through towns like Greenville, NC, Memphis, TN and Arkansas City, KS. He attended college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

O'Brien is an avid music lover. He calls his blog the Braves/Man in Black blog on many different occasions.


  • David O'Brien's favorite musician is Johnny Cash, who he is self-admittedly obsessed with.
  • O'Brien's blog is known for many catch-phrases, among the most popular of which is: Holy Cornelia!
  • O'Brien is a huge college basketball Kansas Jayhawks fan.
  • David O'Brien's nickname is "DOB".


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