Debate:Should Susan Collins win re-election in 2020?

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The RINO Susan Collins is running for re-election, and facing the toughest re-election fight in her Senate career. The Trump era has caused a dilemma for her, as it has compelled her to choose between continuing to appease Maine leftists in the manner that she has maintained for two decades, or follow the lead of the Republican Party becoming more conservative. Having tried to appease both sides on different issues after immense pressure (from both sides), her approval rating has tanked, and a likely progressive Democrat challenger (Sara Gideon) creates an uphill fight for Sen. Collins. The underlying point is, should Collins win the general election? (she currently has no Republican primary challengers) Collins voted against the Obamacare repeals, against banning late-term abortion, etc., but she did vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh despite the smear, and did vote against the sham impeachment coup attempt. Furthermore, the deeper debate point is, is it justified for principled, pro-life, pro-Trump agenda conservatives to support Collins' re-election efforts given her break from the far-left Democrats? -LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 22:38, 8 April 2020 (EDT)

Yes, Collins should be re-elected

Noted opposition from far-leftists

One important thing to keep in mind is that far-leftists now despise Sen. Collins over several concurrences with the majority of Republicans, largely being the vote to confirm Kavanaugh. In fact, most are willing to disregard Collins' entire Senate record of frequently voting along with Washington liberals and make their absurd attacks based only on several recent concurrences with the Trump agenda. For instance, Stephen King has been showing signs of derangement in 2020,[1] though that was present since late 2018.[2]

Another point to add here is that, while the >$1 trillion relief package was being debated on the Senate floor in March 2020 because Democrats blocked the Republican-led provision, Sen. Collins was about to be yielded time to speak until Minority Leader Chuck Schumer objected in an attempt to block her from doing so. It appears now that Democrats who Collins has long concurred with numerous times are now willing to target her in their hyper-partisanship simply to try destroying the country so they can blame it on Trump (as they have tried doing for several years). AOC has also attacked Collins after the senator's rebuke against Democrat colleagues.[3]

Collins' most likely Democrat opponent for the general election, Sara Gideon, is a far-left progressive. (voting record here) The latter has pushed for limiting charter schools, requiring Medicaid to cover abortion “services”, banning single-use plastic bags, and even banning parental choice in regards to vaccination. And not to mention pushing for greater usage of a ranked-choice voting system, the very which lead to Democrat Jared Golden being in the U.S. House of Representatives rather than Bruce Poliquin being re-elected in 2018. Potential conflict of interest? Also, important to note, despite Gideon being backed by the Democrat establishment,[4] her voting record and support from leftists makes the stronger case about her overall far-left progressivism. --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 18:54, 9 April 2020 (EDT)

No, she shouldn't be re-elected

Pro-abortion record

Since Susan Collins has had a long pro-abortion record in the Senate, principled pro-lifers have reasons to object to her being re-elected, especially with her recent vote against banning late-term abortion.[5] While it's true that Collins did vote for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in 2019 and 2020, voted to confirm Kavanaugh, and currently does have a greater rating from the NRLC than the NARAL (likely due to confirming Trump-appointed pro-life judges),[6] she certainly isn't considered pro-life due to her record on most legislation. --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 19:17, 9 April 2020 (EDT)

(Miscellaneous points to add here)

Out of those who oppose Susan Collins, Republicans and some independent voters might be more likely than Democrats to vote for Collins.[7] --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 22:38, 8 April 2020 (EDT)