Debate:Should intersex people be allowed to marry?

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Being an independent and on the fence about the gay marriage issue, I was wondering what the conservative opinion for intersex marriage is.

Intersex may be defined as: a person who has characteristics of more than one gender. This could consist of someone having male and female genitalia or a chromosomal abnormality.

Intersex is different from transgender, in that a person who is transgender identifies with the opposite gender of what their genitalia suggest, while an intersex person cannot be classified into a gender for biological reasons.

Here are some examples: A person is born with both female and male genitalia A person is born with a "X and Y" chromosome and is genetically male but due to no prenatal androgen exposure, a person is born with female genitalia. Later in life androgens do become present in puberty and they develop male characteristics.

So in this case of a person being born intersex, should these people be allowed to marry? Should they be allowed all the rights that people of conventional genders are allowed?

I'm sorry if this question seems antagonistic to your views, it's certainly not meant to be.

Thank You

Resources: Medical Definition of Intersex: