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Definitions of evolution include (a) "change over time", (b) common ancestry, and (c) the idea that unguided natural selection acting on random variations and mutations is sufficient to explain the appearance of design.

  • "Evolution" can refer to anything from trivial cyclical change within the limits of a preexisting gene pool to the creation of entirely novel genetic information and structure as the result of natural selection acting on random mutations.[1]

Change over time

The idea that life now is different from what it was a long time ago is not in dispute (see Cambrian explosion).

Common ancestry

The idea that all forms of life on the Earth today all derived from the same ancestors is accepted both by mainstream biologists and by proponents of Intelligent Design.

Mutation and selection

Richard Dawkins said that biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose. "We have design without a designer".


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