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Deinonychus (extinct)
Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Class Information
Class Sauropsida
Sub-class Diapsida
Infra-class Archosauromorpha
Order Information
Superorder Dinosauria
Order Saurischia
Sub-order Theropoda
Family Information
Family Dromaeosauridae
Genus Information
Genus Deinonychus
Species Information
Species D. antirrhopus
Population statistics

Deinonychus was a small, bipedal, carnivorous dinosaur. It is generally believed among evolutionists to have existed about 65-70 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, but young earth creationists accept it as having been created on the sixth day, along with all the other dinosaurs. It had a long, sickle-like claw on the end of its big toe. Deinonychus fossils were first discovered in 1931 by Barnum Brown in southern Montana. In 1964 the fossils were designated Deinonychus antirrhopus by John Ostrom and Grant Meyer.

Deinonychus are believed by many evolutionists to have been feathered, citing other supposedly feathered dinosaurs such as microraptor.[1] However, whether or not even the related specimens were feathered is questionable. In fact, the only fossils that allegedly show these feathers are from China, and because of the infamous archaeoraptor fraud, it is very possible that these other fossils are also forgeries.[2]


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