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Reginald Kaigler is an black American conservative Christian pundit on YouTube. On YouTube he goes by the nom de plume of Demcad.

Mr. Kaigler attended the University of Michigan-Flint. He formerly lived in Flint, Michigan, but in 2014 he moved as part of the Free States Movement to the Cumberland Redoubt in Kentucky. He joined YouTube on June 9, 2006. Since that time, his channel has 56,125 subscribers and 15,846,999 views.[1] Demcad has a five video subchannel entitled "Men Shouldn't Get Married" that includes: "Should Married Men Cheat? (if their wives don't put out)", "The Marriage Myth", "Why Don't Guys Want to Get Married?", "Guys Get Screwed in Divorce Court", and "Divorce Advice for Men! No-Fault Divorce Law! Bitter Women and the "Real Man"!" Demcad articulates an anti-family anfi-marriage viewpoint.

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