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Dick Morris (born November 28, 1948) is a political author, columnist and commentator.[1] He previously made a career as a pollster and political campaign consultant.

Morris is a lifelong friend of Chairman Jerry Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee, attended high school together and ran his early New York state campaigns.

Morris became an advisor to the Clinton administration in 1992 and managed Bill Clinton's re-election campaign up until two months before the election, when it was learned Morris was involved in a scandal with a prostitute. Previously he had run Clinton's campaign for governor of Arkansas. After that time he became more sought after as an expert in the workings of the Clinton political machine and political campaigns in general. He has expressed a dislike for the political panderings of the Clintons. During Hillary's 2008 primary battle with Barack Obama, he gave a biting tongue-in-cheek ad idea for Obama to diffuse Hillary's contention that Obama had no hands-on experience.[2]

Morris gave extensive analysis on what Republicans would need to do to win the 2008 Presidential Election[3] which included developing trends from the Republican perspective as the election drew near.[4] He successfully predicted that Democrats would win all seats of power in 2008. Morris has also appeared as a political commentator on Fox News[5] and is widely quoted in Newsmax, which keeps an archived list of his articles.[6] In November 2009, Morris predicts that Republicans will gain the House and the Senate in 2010. They won the House but still didn't get a majority in the Senate. He predicted in the 2012 election that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide victory. This turned out to not happen, and Morris contends that he didn't predict how many of the Democrats' constituencies would turn up.

Morris is also the author of the book Fleeced which points out the fleecing of the American citizen by the Democratic Party, but does not spare the Republican Party either and exposes their shortcomings as well. In 2009, his book Catastrophe became a New York Times best seller.

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