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Dignity is an important conservative concept with multiple dimensions. It encompasses both character and actions. In terms of character, dignity is defined as inherent nobility, worthiness, or elevation of character. Dignity also refers to acting in a fashion which upholds these character traits. Dignity is inherently conservative in that it is predicated on other conservative concepts and values, such as honesty, chivalry, responsibility, self-respect, and respect for others, all of which contribute to dignity.

Liberalism and the Erosion of Dignity

One of the significant areas in which liberalism has damaged the moral and social fabric of society is in the erosion of dignity. As liberalism is characterized by a lack of respect for traditions and traditional institutions, it constantly seeks to celebrate anything that undermines those institutions. Characteristically, liberals fail to realize that, in attempting to erode the dignity of others, they actually destroy their own. Examples of the pernicious liberal erosion of dignity include:

  • Liberal media personalities constantly and incessantly attacking important public figures on any pretext. For instance, liberal talk-show host David Letterman chose to attack Alaska governor Sarah Palin, using crude and demeaning sexual terminology and suggesting that her fourteen-year-old daughter had been "knocked up" at a baseball game.
  • Liberals steadfastly refuse to admit error, even when the evidence overwhelmingly proves that they're wrong. When confronted with the obvious evidence of their error, they seek to censor or attack those who correct them.
  • Liberals frequently pretend to have expertise in various areas when it's obvious that they don't. When confronted with their obvious lack of knowledge, they change the subject, engage in ad hominem attacks, or engage in censorship to hide their ignorance.
  • The liberal hatred for the inherent dignity of Christian faith leads them to constantly seek ways to attack and demean such faith. Such attacks take many forms, from crude and unrealistic stereotypes of Christians up through actual desecration of Christian symbols, such as Robert Maplethorppe's infamous photograph of a cross suspended in his urine, or atheist P.Z. Myers' desecration of a Communion wafer to show his contempt for Christianity.[1]
  • Liberal status worship tends to focus on those whose fame comes largely from behaving badly, such as Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton.


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