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A doner kebab (Turkish: turning roast) is a popular Turkish dish made with lamb, beef or chicken. The meat is cooked on a vertical rotating spit. They are usually served in a pocket of pita bread, with chopped salad and chili sauce. It is a popular meal all over the Middle East, where it is called shawarma in Arabic, as well in Greece, where it is called gyros. Due to the influx of Arab and North African immigrants to Western Europe, it is extremely popular among modern-day youth there.

Cultural impact

Through no fault of the restaurant owners, kebab outlets are now often associated with the UK's late-night drinks and violence culture, being the place where young people congregate while waiting for taxis home, and the scene of alcohol-fuelled brawling.[1] They are also the cause of accidents as drunks walk home without concentrating on their surroundings, and the eating of left over kebab meat the following day has caused many outbreaks of food-poisoning.[2] Many young men have discovered too late the dangers of combining excessive alcohol consumption with a badly packed kebab.[3]


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