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Doonesbury is a comic strip created by Garry Trudeau and distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. Highly political in nature, the strip definitely leans to the left but has, throughout its thirty-five year history, criticized politicians across the spectrum, from Richard Nixon and George Bush to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Doonesbury uses hilarity to ease the harsh blows in politics and has won the Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning.

Trudeau is particularly interested in the soldiers that are currently fighting in Iraq, and the strip generated a great deal of controversy when B.D., one of the main characters, lost a leg at Fallujah. Doonesbury went on to chronicle B.D.'s recovery process, and the strip's portrayal of the challenges faced by wounded veterans earned Trudeau - a strong critic of the politicians who started the war - The United States Army's Commander's Award for Public Service. Similarly, despite the more leftist views of the comic strip, one particular arc shown during early stages of the War on Terror had a news reporter doing a live interview with a Jihadist, with the Jihadist admitting they were indeed behind the terror attacks and did it due to having anti-American views.

Every Memorial Day, Trudeau uses two or three Sunday comics to list the names of all the U.S. troops who have died in Iraq or Afghanistan the previous year.

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