Douglas Hyde

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Douglas Hyde
1st President of the Republic of Ireland
Term of office
1938 - 1945
Political party All-party nominee
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Sean T. O'Kelly
Born 17 January 1860
Roscommon, Ireland
Died 12 July 1949
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Spouse Lucy Cometina Kurtz
Religion Church of Ireland (Protestant)

Douglas Hyde (17 January 1860 – 12 July 1949) was the first President of Ireland, serving between 1938 and 1945. Besides this initial milestone, his election was notable as he was a Protestant. In 1930s Ireland, resentment from the War of Independence was still rife, with anti-British and anti-Protestant sentiment remaining. That Hyde was elected regardless was seen as an important point of progression for Irish society. Hyde was featured on the Irish £50 note until the adoption of the euro in 2002.