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Douglas Kmiec is a law professor at Pepperdine University and a former dean of the Catholic University law school. Although he describes himself as being pro-life and once worked in the Department of Justice under President Ronald Reagan, Kmiec wrote a book supporting Barack Obama for president and endorsed and campaigned for him. He even claimed that he and others "voted for Obama did so not despite our Catholic faith but because of it."[1]

A Catholic priest denied Kmiec communion for his support of the pro-abortion Obama,[2] who has promised to increase taxpayer funding of abortion and sign the Freedom of Choice Act legalizing partial-birth abortion. Kmiec complained about the denial of communion to the liberal press, and stated in an interview that "opponents of abortion need to contemplate whether 'a legal prohibition' of abortion 'is the only way to promote a culture of life.'"

Predictably Kmiec has been widely criticized for claiming to be pro-life while simultaneously seeking the election of a pro-abortion president. On January 16, 2009, Commonweal magazine published a 3,224-word rant by Kmiec, in which he accused his critics of "hate".[3]