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Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer, with more than a quarter-century of medical experience. He is a respected medical doctor who is unafraid to challenge establishment thinking.


Dr. Blaylock’s credentials include 26 years of experience in neurosurgery, editorship of the respected Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and Journal of the American Nutriceutical Association. He previously served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS, and is currently a visiting professor of Biology at the Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dr. Blaylock believes an ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure.

The Blaylock Wellness Report

And now he's editing The Blaylock Wellness Report,[1] which is a monthly report published by Newsmax. Dr. Blaylock believes that too many Americans are not getting the best advice on preventing and dealing with hypertension, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, brain diseases – such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's – and dozens of other health problems now plaguing Americans.[2]

He just gives you the best cutting-edge science, sharing ways you can improve your health – and possibly live longer. But Dr. Blaylock wants to arm you with information you can use to fight common health problems yourself.

Good health is an ongoing journey so The Blaylock Wellness Report every month gives timely and commonsense ways to ward off medical problems and ensure a healthier, more satisfying life for you and your family.

Each report will focus on one major health concern. It could be hypertension, cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, weight control, infectious diseases – all the things you need to know about to maintain robust health.[3]

Dr. Blaylock provides outstanding alternative information that will very likely extend and enrich your life. His mission is to unearth enlightening data buried in the medical literature that's rarely seen – even by your doctor.[4]


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