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The Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk rock group founded in the basement of a South Boston Barber's shop in 1996. The single "Shipping up to Boston" from their 2003 album: "The Warrior's Code" (originally penned by Woody Guthrie) was featured in the 2006 drama "The Departed," directed by Martin Scorsese. The Murphys are adamant Red Sox fans and enjoy a strong following amongst their South Boston working class fanbase. The Dropkick Murphys' album's include many covers of traditional Irish ballads and drinking songs, as well as themes involving the concerns of the working class man and labor unions. They perform a live show every year on March 17 (St. Patricks day) in the Avalon Ballroom in Boston. In 2004, the Murphys recorded a rock version of the customary Boston Red Sox anthem "Tessie" to help spur their beloved Sox to a victory at the 2004 World Series. The band's bagpiper, Spicy McHaggis, left in 2005 to pursue a family with his girlfriend.