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E*Trade Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC[1]) provides online discount brokerage, mortgage and banking services, primarily to retail customers. E*Trade's principal activity is that of a financial services company that provides online brokerage and related products and services primarily to individual retail investors under the brand E*TRADE Financial. E*Trade Financial Corporation is a financial services company offering a full suite of online brokerage, investing and related banking solutions. E*Trade provides these services to customers online and through our network of customer service representatives, investment professionals, and investment advisers — over the phone and-in person at one of their 28 E*TRADE branches.[2]

Corporate Overview

Retail Customers

E*Trade Financial Corporation is one of the industry's leading online financial services concerns. E*Trade provides online discount brokerage and banking services, primarily to retail customers. Although most of the company's business is done over the Internet, ETFC also serves customers through branches, automated and live telephone service, and Internet-enabled wireless devices. Retail customers can move money electronically between brokerage, banking and lending accounts.

As of December 31, 2009, ETFC had about 4.5 million total retail accounts.

Brokerage Customers

Brokerage customers can buy and sell stocks, bonds, options, futures, and over 7,000 non-proprietary mutual funds. Customers can also obtain streaming quotes and charts, access real-time market commentary and research reports, and perform personalized portfolio tracking. Brokerage customers can obtain margin loans collateralized by their securities. E*Trade uses sophisticated proprietary transaction-enabling technology to automate traditionally labor-intensive transactions. E*Trade's brokerage business continues to be the primary point of introduction for the majority of ETFC's customers, which are typically self-directed investors.

Through its Banking segment, the company has historically offered residential mortgage products, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). However, in view of the housing-led recession, ETFC made the decision to exit all loan origination channels in 2008.

Corporate Facts

  • History: Founded in 1992, went public in 1996
  • Leadership: Steven Freiberg, CEO
  • Employees: 3,000 (as of September 30, 2010)
  • Headquarters: New York City
  • Retail Branches: 28 across the United States

Market Segments

E*Trade operates in two segments: Trading and Investing and Balance Sheet Management. Trading and Investing segment offers a full suite of financial products and services to individual retail investors. Balance Sheet Management segment consists of the management of Group's balance sheet, focusing on asset allocation and managing credit, liquidity and interest rate risks. The services are provided over the phone or in person through 28 E*TRADE branches.


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