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Dr. Earl W. Brian was a combat physician during the Vietnam war who served in a unit providing air support for Operation Phoenix run by William Colby, who later became CIA Director under Presidents Nixon and Ford. He became health and welfare secretary in the cabinet of California Governor Ronald Reagan. Brian authored a number of papers on the reorganization health boards and commissions in California.

After leaving this post to run for the US Senate against Alan Cranston, Brian became President of a high-tech company called Xonics, which was accused by the SEC of fraud and manipulating the price of its stock. Brian left Xonics in October 1977 without being charged with any wrongdoing. A number of former Xonics officers went on to form a company called Hadron.

In 1980 Brian formed a company called Biotech Capital Corp one of whose investors was Ed Meese's wife Ursula. Brian also acquired control of a Canadian company called Clinical Sciences.

After the Reagan administration took office, Brian was given a White House post related to healthcare issues under Ed Meese.

Brian marketed the PROMIS software, created and modified by contract between the U.S. Department of Justice and Inslaw Inc, a Washington DC based software firm. At the time, Brian's company Biotech Capital Corp (later renamed Infotechnology 1987) controlled Hadron, which attempted a buyout of Inslaw.

At first Brian marketed the PROMIS software to intelligence organizations, including Israel and Iraq (the latter deal facilitated by arms dealer Carlos Cardoen). In February 1983 Brian sent Rafi Eitan to the Inslaw offices for a demonstration of the PROMIS software. Rafi Eitan was to later head up LAKAM, Israel's scientific and technological espionage agency which oversaw the Jonathan Pollard spying operation.

Brian was indicted in California in September 1995. The indictment concerned ten s of millions of dollars of fraudulent lease transactions, while Brian was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of three separate companies: Infotechology, Financial News Network (FNN), and United Press International (UPI). One of the more interesting aspects of the Earl Brian indictment is the date: June 1994. The indictment was sat on for more than a year, while an incredibly corrupt Clinton Justice Department prepared its own rebuttal to Inslaw's Rebuttal to the Bua Report.

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