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Earth Hour is a campaign created by the World Wildlife Fund [1] in conjunction with the Sydney Morning Herald to promote the awareness of Global Warming by turning off lights for an hour on March 28 at 8:30 p.m. local time. The campaign enlists individuals, businesses and governments to do their part to save the planet. It is heavily promoted in nations such as New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Al Gore

The biggest promoter of man-made climate change is Al Gore. In another episode of hypocrisy, his 9,000 square foot mansion was lit up for Earth Hour 2009.[2]


Work with the lights on creates more wealth and alleviates more hardship than laziness with the lights off does. Earth Hour does nothing meaningful for the planet. Anthropogenic global warming has not been proven and currently, the globe is in a cooling phase. It has also been revealed that the campaign was heavily promoted by the Sydney Morning Herald so that it could sell more newspapers.


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