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Eindhoven is a city in the province of North Brabant along the Dommel river, in the south of the Netherlands. It's called Lichtstad (City of light) because it is the location of the headquarter of giant electronics corporation, Philips (full name: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.) that also produces lighting products, the company has an annual revenue equivalent to about $40 billion. (The U.S. corporation General Electric has revenues of about $150 billion, but much of it is from non-electronics businesses). The city has a population of 225.020 (2016).[1]

Economic life

The Eindhoven area is known for its high concentration of high-tech industires, which include ASML, the world primary producer of lithography system for the production of semiconductors, and Océ, a leading producer of printers and copiers.


Eindhoven is the hometown of the omnium sports association PSV Eindhoven (Philips Sport Vereniging) wich is best known for it succeful soccer team.[2]


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