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Elijah J. Bond (January 23, 1847[1] - April 14, 1921[2]) was an American lawyer and inventor.

Elijah Jefferson Bond was born on January 23, 1847 to William B. and Charlotte Bond in Maryland.[3] His father was a lawyer and in 1845 was the Deputy Attorney General of Harford Co., Maryland.[4] Elijah would follow in his father's footsteps and become a lawyer too.[5] He served as a Confederate during the Civil War and was a Freemason.[6]

Although he invented and patented many items including a steam boiler, he is best remembered for inventing the occultic device which became known as a Ouija Board. He invented the board in 1889 and filed for a United States patent on May 28, 1890. Charles W. Kennard and William H. A. Maupin were listed as assignees. The patent was granted on February 10, 1891.

By 1907 Bond had relocated his toy production company to West Virginia and there is evidence that he produced a game called Nirvana which he received a United States patent for on June 18, 1907. The "toy" incorporated a swastika as its logo and he even called his company The Swastika Novelty Company.

Bond died on April 14, 1921 in Baltimore, Maryland.[7] He is mainly remembered by members of the New Age and occultists for having invented the "talking board" known as the Ouija Board.


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