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Elvis (film, 2022) is a biopic about the conservative Elvis Presley as told through a confused liberal perspective that never understood him. This film outperformed other non-franchise films on the strength of the popularity of Elvis's performances, but strikes out in conveying who Elvis really was.[1] The false impression created by the film is that Elvis's final years were depressing, when in fact Elvis lived with enjoyment and faith. The production costs of this film were substantial: $85 million.[2] Its profitability was not due to its domestic revenue (only $122M as of July 28), but due to its additional international revenue of $94M.

The 1979 film Elvis is considered better, starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter.[3]

This movie tries to portray Elvis through the eyes of a liberal compulsive gambler, his manager, and this diminishes the splendor and greatness of Elvis himself.

Factual distortions

This movie contains at least six key factual distortions, mostly having a liberal spin.[4] some relatives and a girlfriend have been sharply critical of the movie, while Elvis's wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie have praised it.

Concealing of conservatism

This movie conceals that Elvis was conservative and met with President Richard Nixon for Elvis to express his concern about the harmful influence by liberals in rock music. The most-requested photo in the United States National Archives is Nixon and Elvis shaking hands,[5] and yet this is omitted from this movie.